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Happy Birthday to Me

And that makes 25 years, which is a scary, scary thought really. I don't feel 25 years old.

Anyway, I spent today at the Melbourne SlutWalk (which was rather cold, but fortunately didn't end up in rain), with a couple of thousand other people - there's a video here from The Age, and you can actually see me in it.

Which was an interesting use of a few hours. I must see if there are any good picspams around of all the banners and signs.

And then I went to Koko Black for hot chocolates with some of my friends who were at the walk (and got past the hangovers from last night). Mmmm, chilli hot chocolate.

So that was my birthday.

Last night I went to the thing for Lara's party, over at notalwaysweak's place, which possibly got handed over to being my birthday at midnight, and involved rather a lot of alcohol. And drinking games.

Hence the aforementioned hangovers. ;)

I wasn't too bad, actually, despite the lack of appetite.

And tomorrow I am having High Tea with Mum and The Sister, and then I think we'll go to see Pirates of the Caribbean. And on Monday Dad is in Melbourne, so I think he's going to pay off the rest of my new boots and then we'll have dinner somewhere.

Hooray for birthdays!
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