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And now, with slightly less woe

Well, my computer seems to be working fine again, I got to wear my new boots, and just when I thought I had lost one of my earrings, I found it again.

An hour later. On the footpath, in the middle of the Melbourne CBD.

Life is good (for certain values of good).

Now, the post I was going to make the other day was going to be about various dinners (and/or teas) with parents, but half the stuff I was going to say I've forgotten. Except that high tea had waffles and a toffee apple - been ages since I had one of those - and then I went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which I found flawed but still decent enough and fairly enjoyable. And then on Monday night I had this imploding pudding thing for dessert, which was intriguing.

And now, piles of YouTube videos!

- A trailer for Drop Bear: The Movie. Because this is now an essential requirement for Australian cinema.
- A joke about historians. Note: Not a YouTube video. But still entertaining.
- French Existential Star Wars. Because all subtitles should have references to existentialist philosophers.
- Lessons on British Justice from Law & Order: UK. So ~educational~.
- Through the Pensieve, a Harry Potter fanvid, with footage from all 7 films so far, and some from the trailers for the last film. Even if you are like me and definitely prefer the books, it's still a good watch.
- 50 State Stereotypes. Teaching you all about America.
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