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And that's why it's 11.25 pm and I am still eating my dinner

So, for that wonderful thing we call University, I have an exam on Monday.

Though really, it's not so much an exam as it is a 10 presentation we get assessed on that just happens to worth a whole lot of marks.

Anyway, I have spent the past couple of days writing out what I'm going to say, and getting my PowerPoint presentation all done, and I seem to have finished, huzzah!

...Now I just need to practice, and make sure it, you know, actually goes for the 10 minutes it is supposed to. Sigh.

And then after that I have one more assignment to do, plus trying to figure out a way to both do the assignment and get back to Hamilton way for a day or to to check out if there is anything left on the farm that I want to take (rather than get sold in a clearance sale or so on.)

Here, have an amusingly geeky music video for a delightfully perky song. Cheery music is good for the soul.
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