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I like the feeling of a finished assignment

Assignment has now been handed in, meaning I am now entirely finished with the semester (except for waiting for marks).

Which means holidays, huzzah!

So after doing my handing stuff in bit, I spent a bit of time chatting with Goldie at Union House, before wandering around and looking at shops,and basically just hanging around the city for a few hours. Ended up buying a couple of books from the Borders closing sale whatsit. And some turquoise earrings that were on special.

I also had a lavender macaron (I know, I was surprised to see that had lavender ones, too). And a hot chocolate with liquor in it. Which was not unpleasant.

Though yes, the absence of class means I am now rather more up for social type things in the city now. Anyone got anything coming up soon?

To finish, I shall link you to the wonder that is Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go the F**k to Sleep".

Because how could anyone not love that? It's pure class, really.
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