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Everything's better with kittens

I think I am getting a cold, and it is not at all fun. :(

So I decided to make a post of shiny cheerful I have been linked to.

- Rainbow Roses. Exactly what the name implies, but eee, prettiful. I want some.

- One and a Half Men It's Game of Thrones... as a buddy comedy. Naturally.

- New Living End song. They should have a new album coming up soon, too.

- Fred Astaire, and a whole lot of drums. I think he just pulled one over that kid there, too.

- New Maru video. LOL at box-induced somersaults. (And there's also Maru's birthday video. Oh Maru, proof YouTube was made so people could post videos of their cats.)

- Kitten inna Hamster Ball. Kitty, they aren't designed for someone your size.

- Tiny kitten dancing! All together now: Awwwwww!

Give me more kittens in the comments!
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