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An advertising campaign of much win

Haha oh wow.

So, in preparation for the upcoming new FMA movie, which is a couple of weeks away, there is a theme park in Japan running an advertising/celebration campaign in which you can purchase 23 FMA themed desserts/snacks.

And they are just... amazing. I mean, some of the ideas there are just beyond words.

You can buy a dessert of Lust's boobs. A Lust's boobs dessert.

It's sort of amazing. I wish I could go there, just to try some of them.

Dear me.

In other news, it is less than 24 hours until JKR's announcement about this PotterMore thing is, which means her YouTube link is full of owls. No really.

That's vaguely Hitchcock.

Weird Al made a Lady Gaga parody, which is rather good, actually. Or it amused me, and I happen to be generally fairly positive towards Lady Gaga's ...Lady Gaganess.

A cat gets caught barking. Yes, that wasn't suspicious at all.

Also, for some random reason I now want a NyanCat LJ icon. If anyone knows where I could get one, that would be greatly appreciated.
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