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I bet the kiddies are going to love this

So, PotterMore.

Yeah, I can see the site's kind of crashed at the moment. Too many hits...

I'll admit that I was sort of underwhelmed by the YouTube announcement, (though the visual effects were rather cool) just because the rather vague detail didn't sound all that unique - it's what, an online read-along thing? With a shop to buy audiobooks and ebooks.

But then I went and checked out The details from the UK press conference and now I am much more interested.

An interactive site with character backstories, exclusive information about the writing process, cut scenes and other stuff?

Plus, it's apparently like an official sorting community thing. I am already looking forward to the wank from Slytherfen who don't actually end up in Slytherin.

So there's that. While there are things I might have liked more, the combination of encyclopaedia-ish stuff and social thing sounds like fun.

Though I sure hope all their servers are up for the demand.
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