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Combining the two gives you Steampunk X-Men, which I am sure exists in fanfic form somewhere

It has been a good weekend for events organised at the last minute over FaceBook.

On Saturday, Allen said he had a ticket to Circus Oz's steampunk night available, so I got to go see that, which was rather fun. Also fun were all the nifty steampunk costumes in the audience. I wonder if someone has posted some of them online somewhere - anyone know of any links.

My outfit was a little mediocre, since I found out about it like two hours before I had to leave, but there you go.

And after circus funs I went with Allen and a group of his friends to an afterparty whatsit at The Alchemist. They had mulled pear cider, mmmm.

And as noted on twitter, I missed the last tram home and ended up having 1.30am post-alcohol dumplings. Which are now officially the best dumplings.

Then today I was with Geoff and Tristan (well, Geoff was late because of the evils of Melbourne's trains and missed the start of the movie) and we went to finally get around to seeing X-Men First Class. Which was decently fun, though there is a lot there I could nitpick. I ended up giggling over Magneto's very obvious Irish accent in the big climactic scene, because... yeah.

And that was my busy, FaceBook organised weekend. Here, have a link to a long new trailer/PV for the new FMA movie. Apparently it opened in Japan this weekend, too.
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