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That was an unpleasant headline to wake up to

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with Norway at the moment, but it is deeply disturbing. I mean, who shoots up a camp full of kids, really.

Plus, of all the places for terrorism, Norway?

(Yes, it's still terrorism if it's a right-wing Caucasian guy behind it)

That's all just... deeply fucked up.

Also fucked up are all those people who immediately decided that it must have been the work of Muslims - I'm looking at you, The Sun (Come on, Murdoch, do you need any more bad press right now?).

And the person who decided to write Hetalia hurt/comfort fic about it. I can't say I am surprised at the several hundred "wtf r u doin?" review that earned them.

So, all the hugs in the world go out to misscam and any other Norwegian people around, especially those who have lost loved ones.
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