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Well, look what decided to start working properly again - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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July 29th, 2011

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09:52 pm - Well, look what decided to start working properly again
Is this an LJ I see before me? And is it, wonders never cease, actually working properly?

Oh LJ, never leave me again!

(While I have had some intermittent access over the last few days, this is the first time it's actually let me comment or post. Hopefully things are solved over at LJ HQ.)

Anyway, it was all rather inconvenient because I have piles of stuff to comment about - semester has started up again so there's some things about class to talk about, there's a new Dresden Files book out (guess what I spent homework and LJ-less yesterday doing) which people are free to chat about in the comments if we want to talk spoilers, and oh yeah, it was my LJversary.

Happy birthday for Tuesday, my LJ, you are now seven years old.

So, to carry on with Ye Olde Tradition, some facts and stats about my LJ

In the 7 (and a very small bit) I have had this LJ, I have:
- Friended 240 people
- Been friended by 250 people
- Joined 160 comms, and 14 RSS feeds
- Made 1522 posts
- Posted 22,362 comments
- Received 17,396 comments

And since last years LJversary, I have:
- Friended 13 people
- Been friended by 17 people
- Joined 13 comms
- Made 160 posts
- Posted 1,461 comments
- Received 906 comments

My recieved comment count is down again. Though I suppose the amount of posts I made is also down, so there is that.

After all that LJ related fluffiness, it's probably a bit odd to mention, but I do actually have a Dreamwidth account. It is surprisingly enough also under the name "Drakyndra".

Thus far it's mostly just so I can comment on accounts and what-not, but if LJ continues on like this I may have to look into crossposting things.

If you want to friend me over on DW feel free to do so, just if your DW ID is different from you LJ name, clue me in to your ID, please.

Next post will be a big pile of links I entertained myself with during the week.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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