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Links! Piles of links!

This is what happens when I have to go without LJ for a while: I build up a backlog of random things I have found on the internet for the purpose of killing time. *sigh*

Enjoy the fruits of your DDOS induced downage, LJ.

- Myths Retold. I saw this described as "A ff.net badfic author rewriting fairytales and classic myths", but I think it's closer to a drunk teenager trying to explain the plot of movies, also seen while drunk.
- Homolust challenge generator. It's like "Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME", only instead of fight crime, they have gay sex. Hey, if you need ideas for weird yaoi AUs.
Plus it occasional provides weirdly close to canon ideas. A criminal is fucked by a innocent terrorist leader in a park. They are star-crossed lovers. It must involve celibacy and masochism. Uh huh...
- If Harry Potter was an anime. Fanart which I know some of you guys have seen already, but remains nifty (and reminds me of my wish that HP had been adapated as a multi-series animated show. You know it could have been cool.)
- Ooh Mister Ikuhara! Some commentary on Penguindrum, in Kate Beaton form.
- Cat Versus Human. A webcomic about being a cat lady. I miss having cats.
- Queen Mother Adventures. Another webcomic, this time about the Queen Mum. Go back to the start for all the gin and corgi related crack.
- Those news animators from Taiwan made their own Dark Knight Rises trailer. With all the gratuitous Nolan film references you could ever want.
- New OK GO video! This one has kaleidoscope dancing, which is rather trippy. And if you have Chrome, you can make interactive messages with it (...It'll make sense when you see the video).
- An Impression doing Shakespeare in the style of assorted celebrities. I think Simon Cowell made me laugh the most.
- An Orchestral version of NyanCat. To borrow one of the YouTube comments, it's like the Internet's national anthem.

Oh, and Pottermore will be, for the next week, taking sign-ups for their beta. Guess who has already registered? :D:D

Though they don't allow you to pick your own usernames for security reasons, so you have to take one from a list they provide. MidnightRook15, anyone? LOL at the chess theme.
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