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It's only Monday, I should not be this tired

Oh class. Once more, I must have you.

...Okay, that sounds kinda wrong.

And since class itself was mostly pretty dull today - excluding some interesting YouTube videos and ALT being a clusterfuck again, I think I shall talk further about last week.

Or FOUL, since this week it involved large amounts of bubbles, and a silly string gun, which was unhealthy amounts of fun. (I say this because it wasn't my hair it was getting in.)

But yeah, ALT is kind of a clusterfuck. For starters, it's down on Queensberry St, which is far too much walking to get to from anywhere. Secondly, it's in a building that is only half built, which means walking through construction site-ness if you take the lifts.

It's also the building that over the break they found asbestos in, so way to ensure the health of future generations, uni.

Oh, and the lecture theatre we are supposed to be in, isn't actually big enough for the whole group. Which means if you don't get to ridiculously far away building early, you get shunted off into one of the other lecture rooms, where you get the lecture over the - less than spectacular - PA. And have no idea what is going on when the lecturers start talking to the audience. Woo modern technology.

Like I said, kind of a clusterfuck. Though I know for a fact there have been people complain about things, so hopefully something shall be done.

On the other hand, today we found out the lecturer barracks for Melbourne. Poor bastard.

Tuesdays are also going to be fun, what with my 15 minutes to get from one end of the campus to the other. Hopefully they will all be like last week when we got let out early and I made it in time to also get me some coffee.

And that is my life. Hooray!
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