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The Links List Strikes Back!

Aha! Yes, it is time for yet another of my Links Lists, though at a rather swifter pace than I started with. Well, the advantages of having one week to use up Internet quota, I suppose…

Oh, yes. This time, the links shall be sorted by fandom (or lack thereof).


To start with, the fandom that is currently eating my brain. Yes, it is Ye Old Harry Potter. The advantage of new canon is that it not online provides some great new links to check out, but it tends to renew people’s enthusiasm for older links. So, some old stuff, some new stuff, but all good.

Harry Potter

And to start off the linkage, Fanart

I love my fanart, but unfortunately, the disadvantage of having limited Net quota is that you can’t really look at a lot. So, I used my relatively free amount of quota lately to find some great stuff.

Firstly, Edgeworlds. This is the hosting site for Anneth Lagamo’s art, and she is an absolutely amazing artist. She also does other fantasy style art that can be found else. This site also holds my all time favourite bit of fanart, (and oddly enough, it has become even more so after HBP), Someone to Watch Over Me.

And of course no-one can go past a fanart list without listing Art Dungeon. Wonderful scenes from canon brought to life, and as I read in an LJ comment, one of the few artists who even keeps the extraordinarily minor characters consistant and recognisable. It is currently being updated with HBP scenes.

Tealin’s Art: This was a new one for me, but I already adore it. Harry Potter art, done in a traditional Disney animation style. The characters are so recognisable, and it’s so much fun. And she does Discworlds scenes as well…

Red Scharlach’s Art. Now this is a hugely fun site. The serious illustrations are good, the silly ones are great, and the music covers are freaking fantastic. I’d recommend one, but I love them all so much, and they make me laugh – pretty good for a drawing. Though this definitely wins the extreme randomness award.

And onto some individual art pieces.

This and this. The advertising for Sin City inspired pen_and_umbra. So she decided to do something about it. Much fun.

Oh, and Harry Potter Everything. Someone started a contest to see who could come up with ads for the strangest HP tie-ins. This was the result.

Something similar: Slash Ads is a series of ads. For, uh, slash. Great fun, especially the taglines.

I’m sure everyone here remember’s stealingharry, that fantastic fic I recced previously, by copperbadge. Well, callmemrgod decided to try and act it out. Using The Sims. It’s brilliant, and can be found here.

And in the wake of all the psychoticness HBP has begun, this makes me grin harder than ever. What the BNFs (Big Name Fans, for those not in the know) really get up to.


To start with, some links list solidarity. Also, reclists mean I don’t personally need to link to as many fics, or even go to the effort of looking for the damn things.

HieroglyFics: A website, created by one Isis, designed soully for fic recs. Over 250 recs at last count. Mostly slash, which might make up for the lack of slash recs in my other posts, but lots of really great stuff.

I also have a shorter recs list, courtesy of lacylu42. There may not be many fics, but all of them are absolutely brilliant, and I have most likely recced at some time.

And another shorter recs list, this one courtesy of lisamarie0921. Multi-pairing, and including many different genres, there should be something for everyone.

And this recs list, which I have only recently stumbled over. It’s mostly Sirius/Remus fic, but there are a few others, and everything here is pretty damned good.

And a few individual links. These are all fics that I have read for the first time recently, and as such, should obviously be rather better known throughout the fandom.

The Late Night Visit, or Why Jo Decided to Kill Off Someone Else Instead. JKR is writing HBP, and one night has a…visit from someone not happy about the way things are going. It’s fic from JKR’s POV, which is something you don’t see a lot of, and it’s great. It’s also one of those rare stories that has become more fitting to canon after HBP.

The Great Age Flint Explanation. An attempt to explain away the confusion of just how old the two eldest Weasley brothers really are. And it involves the Well of Lost Plots…

Black Is the Colour. It’s a HP and LotR crossover. And it’s good. It’s also very witty, even including the sex scene between Snape and, um, a Nazgul. Great fun, in a twisted kind of way.

Renascentia. A look inside the head of a very disturbed Tom Riddle. Confusing, disconcerting and elegent, and very unique.

Bonds of Fidelity. An absolutely fantastic Snape fic, telling the story of his life from childhood to post-HBP. Compelling, fascinating and so entirely possible, it’s a great little ficlet.

The Wizard From Outer Space (Meta Remix). An (unknowing) look at the wizarding world through an outsider’s point of view – in this case a fantasy geek. An intriguing thought, especially when you consider this is the kind of person in our world that would obsess over HP, but fascinating.

Letters to Mum. Various letters that have been sent from students to their mothers, over the years. A great way to get inside other characters’ heads, and see canon from an entirely new perspective.

Four Funerals And A Wedding. A great short fic that I found ages ago, and then lost again, this told entirely through newspaper articles, but it is just done so perfectly. Very funny, and not at all expected.

Three Nights at the Riddle House, or, How Hermione learned to stop worrying and love Colin Firth. Just one of those completely insane fics that is so unexpected you cannot help but laugh. Completely and utterly silly, but fun.

Hanging from the Topmost Branch. A completely crack-ified AU, complete with Slytherin!Ron and Ginny, incest, and truly warped take on the canon years. Insane, but brilliant.

Actually, I just realised it is actually vaguely reminiscent of The Uncle, another of great fic by copperbadge. So, I might as well rec that one too. Brilliant beyond words, and hysterically funny.

Lord Voldemort Is Not Doing This for His Own Edification. Courtesy of evadne_noel, who’s Breadbox Editions I have previously recced, this is just a hilarious little piece about Voldemort trying to convince Harry to be evil.

Harry Potter Title Generator. This isn’t actually fanfic, but it is Harry Potter. And it is also bloody hilarious. Just click and it comes up with potential titles. Try the “Silly” setting, it’s great fun. To demonstrate, here’s a few of the titles it came up with for me:
Lucius Malfoy and the Milkmaid of Execution
Professor Snape and the Amazon's Itch
Harry Potter and the Winetaster of the Acid
Vincent Crabbe and the Dementor's Breakdancing

Star Wars

Yes, it was bumped down my fandom list by Harry Potter, but there is still a lot of SW related entertainment on the net. And my love for Movie Parodies seems highly unlikely to die soon…

Fanfiction (and Movie Parodies)

To start me off, some more movie parodies. What can I say, they crack me up!

Episode 1: The One With The Unnecessarily Ambiguous & Not All That Intelligible Title. According to citizenjess, this is the first of the whole series she will parody. Sadly, none of the others have shown up yet, but don’t let that bother you – this one is great!

Revenge of the Sith in 167 Lines. I can’t comment on the accuracy of the line count, but I can say that this is a great little summary. And the use of 1337 5p34k in certain places is hysterical.

A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope. Basically, a reconsidering of A New Hope in light of what happened in the prequels. Very funny, especially Ye Olde Option C.

Now, the these two links aren’t genuine parodies, but just a look at the crazy mistakes that the subtitlers in certain parts of Asia have made on pirate versions of a certain, still-to-be-released SW movie. There are two different versions, both with highly amusing screen caps and comments, here and here.

And to some actual fanfic. Firstly, the “What Remains” Series by bwinter. A series of short vignettes, looking back at the events in the Prequels through the eyes of the OT characters. The different perspective on events, and the conclusions drawn are fascinating – but obvious, considering the characters don’t have all the knowledge we do to draw on. The fics are (in order), Aere Perennius, Cat in the Cradle, Childish Things and Elegy (Vert).

Also, Connection. Mildly slashy, this is great take on a fairly common What If scenario – What if Anakin never went with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to become a Jedi? Fascinating and brilliantly done, combining what did happen with what might have.

Other Fandoms

Yes, they do actually exist. A variety of different things, including some assorted Rec Lists to add to my collection.

To start off with, the Mary-Sue Name Generator. Suitable for almost any fandom, this is lots of fun. Just follow the instructions, and let the insanity ensue, as you, too, can become a huge Mary-Sue. Mine was Maelyssia Andromeda Firecat Maeryl Daffodil Malkin Dumbledore. (Found at deleterius, that barrel of laughs.)

Multi-Fandom Rec List. With good fic from Harry Potter, Buffy, and about a couple of dozen more fandoms (check out the Miscellaneous to look for any not listed on the main page. Freaking fantastic, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find this recs page.

The Crypt. Another Rec List page, this one an absolutely massive set of Buffy and Angel fics. Mostly Spike based, but seeing as he is my favourite character, I am very fond of this page.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic. Like Buffy, another fandom I occasionally mess around in, and this is where I go to find good fics ErinRua, the maker of this site happens to also write some brilliant PotC fanfic (which can be found here) and is a great judge of interesting, originally and canonesque fic.

Elves! Elves! Elves! AHAHA! This made me laugh hysterically. It’s the database of a list osshort fics from a certain challenge – take another fandom and have one of the characters reveal themselves as a Middle Earth Elf. Great fun, especially the Angel one.

Just a Face on a Train. Now, Spiderman (movies or comics) has never been one of my fandoms. However, this is about the only fic I have read, and it is great. Taken from the movie-verse, it’s the story of one of those people Spidey rescued on a train, and what happens when she sees a rather familiar face in the café she works at one day…

And whilst we are on the subject of Elves, this picture cracked me up. Anyone who watches movies will appreciate it.

And because I can’t survive without my movie parodies, Jerry the Frog Productions has a fabulous collection which I adore. Complete with all the SW movies, and a whole bunch of recent movies, this entertains for ages.

Even More Movie Parodies, this time courtesy of vkitty. Mostly Lord of the Rings, but still pretty darned good.

Apocamon. Now, I don’t particularly like Pokemon. Or, for that matter, know much about them. But this site is brilliant – it’s the Pokemon of the Apocalypse. Great fun, and it also has some hysterical Comics, which put a very interesting slant on some Bible stories.

Now, for something that is universal throughout fandom, Godawful Fanfiction. If you ever want to find some really bad fanfic (or just people point and laugh at said badfic), this is the place to go.

And for something else quite universal, take a look at Fandom Wank. It’s the place to go to find bitching, moaning and generic insanity within fandom being heartily mocked.

And because no Rec List is complete without something certain to break everyone’s brain, I give you anthropomor_fic. Yes, the strangest fanfic pairings you will ever see, including Carbon/Nitrogen, Good/Evil and +/-. Oh, and Neo/His Coat.


Because not entertainment is inside fandom…

Project Gutenberg. A very large (and legal) collection of downloadable e-books. Because they have to be public domain, most of the books are quite old, but anyone into classic books will adore this site. Though with over 16,000 books, it is quite difficult to just browse through.

The Bulwer-Lytton Contest. Once upon a time, there was a man who started a book with the immortal words, “It was a dark and stormy night.” Now, there is a contest named after him,in which people come up with the worst possible opening lines for stories that will never be written. This year’s winners can be found here.

The Movie Cliches List. because therre are some things everyone just knows are going to happen in a movie. And it’s always nice to have a list of them handy.

Political Correctness gone mad. Ye Gods, just how stupid are governments these days? This is just unbelievable.

A comic. Because the Post-Modenism and Irony is this amused me immensly.

Another comic. Because as people who know we are aware, stupidity annoys me. And this seems an eminently amusing way for them to be dealt with.

Rinkworks. A vast collection of extremely random facts, games and humour that can fill in hours of your time. Seriously

Stuff On My Cat. People’s cats fall asleep. People put things on their cats. People take photos of the cats. People post photos on this site. Everybody finds it highly amusing.

Bubblewrap. Because nothing is quite as much as as popping bubblewrap, real or virtual. Most addictive. Website. Ever.

Flattery. Just enter your name, and let the site do it’s thing. Great for the self-esteem, I must say.

The Sound Of Saturn. A recording taken by the space probe Cassini, as it passed by Saturn. Entertaining in a weird, random kind of way.

Now, a few classics I am sure most of you have seen.

The Evil Overlord List. Because Evil can be so damned stupid, and it always good to look through and see just how many rules your Villain of Choice really should have paid a bit more attention to.

The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The US Army. The basis of the Things I Can No Longer Do At Hogwarts List, this is very funny in it’s own right. And I can’t believe that people have actually done some of these things.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, some of the fascinating things currently for sale on e-Bay:

George Lucas. Yep, your very own George Lucas. Unfortunately, he was withdrawn from sale, but the picture is still there to admire.

At last count, that was almost 70 (not including LJ usernames.) That is a very frightening fact.
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