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Quotes! Precious Quotes!

So Uni is back, and I am in a good mood. Though, please note that these two things are not, in any way, actually related to one another.

Firstly: You may or may not recall my rant of a little while back about idiot fan-twits, including one who made a complete idiot out of herself in the Herald Sun. Well, in this week's Youth Forum, we've got another girl snarking back at her. Though I may not agree precisely on all her points, she is definitely showing more intelligence than the last, so I felt I should share this response:

[name deleted] is off her rocker complaining about how J.K. Rowling writes the Harry Potter books. If [name deleted] has read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince properly, she would have known Harry is going through puberty, and mood swings.
It's good to see a character that teens can relate to.
I agree that Harry's scar and glasses are hardly a "chick magnet", but we should judge a person by what they have done, not their appearance.

To Ms. Author - you have shown intelligence beyond your 14 years. Thank you for giving me back my faith in the children of today.

And in another fandom...
Jedi Luke Skywalker. You like men who can
thier own. Well, Luke, once he's a Jedi, sure
can. Great choice.

Which Star Wars Character is Your Soulmate?

brought to you by Quizilla

Awww. That's so great. *loves quiz*

And onto Uni news:

You want to know what a really good feeling is? Just when you think you are out of money, and have to head over to the ATM to get more, and you suddenly discover a $20 note hidden down the back of your wallet. Very pleasant!

And an even better feeling: when you find you don't actually need to spend said $20 at all, because some group is serving free dinners in North Court. And they were quite good, too - Barley soup, curry and an apple crumble.

I have discovered that my Psych tutor might be good with the actual people part of Psychology, but he can't teach statistics for shit.

Also, I had FOUL today. Which was, as ever, quite entertaining. And also highly quotable. So I do now have some great quotes for the list.

Random Quotes:

forsakendaemon: "He was a really nice guy, he just happened to worship Satan."

altheas: (To me) "Congratulations, you've just proved that ice cream doesn't exist.
Which begs the question of what I had for desert last night..."

Steven: "I'm German, so I can do wonders with potatoes."

becker_: "It's something to do with Kelvins."
Goldy: "Ah, no! Physics flashback!"

And the prize for best accidental euphemism goes to becker_, for this classic one:
"Genetics Stick."

And I had forgotten, but there actually was a vaguely amusing quote from yesterday's GM:
"I'm Andrew, I'm Vice President. Like most Vice Presidents, I'm waiting for the President to die."

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