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...I want glow in the dark kittens now.

I suspect today would be categorised as "interesting".

I had a short meeting at Uni just after lunchtime, which meant I ended having not a lot to do for my afternoon, in the city.

So I wandered down to Federation Square to check out about the sculpture thing that I heard was going on there.

Namely, giant tunnels stretched in the air between buildings, made entirely from packing time.

Yes, that is entirely real. I have a picture from inside it, too.
You were actually allowed to crawl around inside it. Which is kind of fun, if you don't mind the smell. And the occasionally worrying creaking noises.

Like I saw someone else comment, it's as if Spiderman shot tape instead of web.

Melbourne, everybody!

And then since I was nearby, I went over the Southbank. But the shopping centre there was in the middle of renovations, so hardly any of the shops were open.

On the other hand, Trampoline had Black Forest ice cream, which was om nom nom.

In other news, Fighting HIV with glow in the dark kittens!
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