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For some reason, my course only gives me a one week mid-semester break. I call shenanigans

Oh Melbourne weather. It was actually really hot for most of today - like summer weather - and now it's the middle of a thunder storm. Of course.

Which made lectures today a bit less than fun, but that's beside the point.

It's not doing any benefits to our bathroom window with a bird-induced hole any good, that's for sure. (Yes, a bird managed to make a hole in our bathroom window. No, it hasn't been fixed for weeks, because the problem is with the window frame, we are on the second floor, and there isn't enough room between the outside wall and the fence for the machinery so someone can fix the outside part. Well, that's for our land-lord to work out.)

Speaking of bathrooms, last night I had an unfortunate encounter with a spider in my pajamas. And yes, the spider was in the pajamas, not me. After a bit of shrieking and flapping clothes about, I managed to dislodge the damn thing, which I believe is current in Witness Protection somewhere in the bathroom.

And in other news, I have discovered how to make anything you do more awesome: do it while listening to James Bond theme songs. Things instantly become more awesome.

Case study: grocery shopping last night. Deciding which potatoes to buy is far more exciting if it is done while listening to Diamonds are Forever.

Here, have some random links of entertainment.

We have Alot of cake. I'm sure of you will get what is meant there.

Also, the time the Foo Fighters defeated the Westboro Baptist Church. Go rock and roll!
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