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*is humming Geelong theme song*

So, Geelong went and won the Grand Final again. Hooray!

And we beat Collingwood, which is always a delight.

I went down to watch it on the big screen in Federation Square, after the rain cleared up a bit (Though I still brought an umbrella, just in case). Decent enough view where I was sitting, was pretty close from when I arrived in the second quarter until the end of the third, until Collingwood just sort of collapsed in the last quarter. No idea what happened there.

But the win had me in a good mood for the day.

Then I killed some time around the city, had samosas for dinner and celebratory hot chocolate and cake if we'd lost it would have been commiseration hot chocolate and cake and then went back to Fed Square to see the team show up with the cup, along with a couple of thousand Geelong fans.

I bet Geelong is probably pretty crazy right about now. ;)

Other things scene include a cafe I walked past, called "Fight Club Cafe". I think someone forgot the first rule of Fight Club.

And that was my day. Huzzah!

Otherwise, I have news about squid invading California, and the Imperial March, as played on floppy disk drives.
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