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I did not, in fact, forget. I'm just late.

You know, I didn't even realise computers could get a virus in the start menu, but apparently that is in fact the case. (Also, whoever is responsible for a virus that causes computers to not be able to shut down has a really warped mind).

...And that is why about 3 hours out of the last 24 have involved rather too much mucking around with anti-virus programs, and why my computer has been so wonky the last couple of days. Though I seem to have things mostly sorted now.

Though I shall have to leave a note to self: Do not trust emails that claim to be from Australia Post.

Speaking of, a pile of books (well, three) arrived in the post from Book Depository for me today, and three more should shortly be on their way. Now, if only I didn't have those darn assignments to do, I could get cracking with all the reading I want to do. Plus there's a new Discworld book out in like a week. Gah, too many books I need to read.

And despite appearances, FMA fans, I did not in fact forget 3 Oct '11 which is Don't Forget Day. I was just otherwise occupied. I did see that there's a pile of new fic floating around, some of which I may read when I get a bit of spare time.

What is everyone else up to?
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