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The benefits of online submission of assignments means that you hand them in while wearing pajamas

I do love the feeling of a completed assignment. And two makes it even better, really. Yeah, so that one I was working on last week got handed in on Monday, and the other one was finished up and handed in today.

Which gives me, oh, two weeks before I next have something major to do, and even that is a group assignment. Huzzah for a minor break!

...Which mostly just means I can sit around and read for a bit, but that's life for you.

Plus I do have to come up with some kind of VCE level activity that involves an excursion to somewhere around Melbourne. Any Melburnites got suggestions for where and what I could work with?

So, what else has been happening over in internet land? Anything exciting on at the moment?

I have a link to a cartoon about Octopuses in love. Because what more does life really need.

I have also discovered that the Android game Alchemy is an absurdly addictive thing to have on your phone.
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