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So I hear the world ended yesterday

So, did everyone enjoy the Rapture yesterday?

I went to Piper's birthday-slash-Apocalypse party, complete with a bunch of people in costumes -I was too lazy to come up with something apocalypse themed. Plus, I was handing out on Sydney Road before it - including several deaths, an Arthur Dent, and a Doctor (Eleventh, to be precise.

They had a smoke machine! And a playlist of tangentially apocalypse-themed music. Also, quite predictably, alcohol and socialising, which meant catching up with a few people whom I hadn't seen in a while.

More people should have themed birthdays. And besides, next year is 2012, which gives lots of room for apocalyptic parties.

Sydney Road was also rather entertaining, also. Some guy dressed up as the Queen, selling Monarchy dishrags, and I found a place that sold 25 varieties of hot chocolate. (I tried Lime Hot Chocolate, which tasted a bit like white chocolate and lime.)

All in all, a decent break from assignmenting, since my group assignment for ALT has been passed around via email quite a bit over the last few days. Well, at least it'll be out of the way on Wednesday.

And tomorrow I shall be at Armaggedon (...the convention), so if any Melbourne types will be there, let me know.

Since my last video link seemed so popular, today I bring you: CSI: Legoland. All the puns you could ever want!
Also, on tumblr there is Weird Evangelion Official Art, proving it's not just Geass that has resorted to strange art to sell there merch when they aren't airing.
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