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Well, I saw a person walking by in the distance

So today I went and saw the Queen.

I'm not even a monarchist, but it was, you know, the Queen. She doesn't exactly visit Melbourne every day.

Not a particularly good view, but there were a lot of people there. And honestly, getting there 15 minutes early was enough. I didn't fancy hanging around for hours waiting.

And then after lunch I went to the Melbourne Cemetery and took photos. Which was technically for one of my classes, but was mostly just so I could wander around and look at interesting old gravestones. And stone angels, which I got a few pictures of for the Doctor Who fans.

Oh, and wonder why there is an Elvis memorial in the Melbourne Cemetery.

Of course, all this wandering around the sun seems to have left me with sunburnt arms, which will be less fun.

Since I don't want this post to be entirely about Things I Did Today Which Got Me Sunburnt, have some links of entertainment.

- Bad Romance, performed as a harp duet.
- So Spiderman swing dances now? Or 2007, when that was filmed, but it's still nifty (Especially the acrobatic stuff. Appropriate for Spiderman, huh?)
- Why you should be very careful if a ninja dare you to fight him. Okay, people need to do something like that around here.

And for future reference, in case you need it, MindBleach.org. The link to click whenever you have seen something you really wish you just hadn't.
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