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I know people who dress their toddler as the Cowardly Lion. That's just nifty

Slightly early, yes, but last night was notalwaysweak's annual Halloween party, so a bit of getting into the spirit of things early. (Also, Halloween is actually on Monday, so...)

This year's theme was Musicals, which meant there ended up being numerous Rocky Horror and Pirate peoples around. Plus two Elphaba/Wicked Witches.

I ended up going (courtesy of "I forgot what the theme was until earlier this week") as Carmen from, well, Carmen. Red gypsy skirt, black lace wrap, pretty easy. Even if I ended up with a few people asking if I was someone from Moulin Rouge.

I had vaguely considered going as someone from Chicago, but seeing as I was catching public transport, out into the wilds of Zone 2 suburbs, I didn't really want to be wandering around dressed like a prostitute.

Anyway, fun party with the expected copious amounts of pre-catered foods and assorted BYO things - such as Darren's gloop. We watched some random old AMVs - emphasis on random and old there, watched through Rocky Horror, sort of, while playing some games, and played Rock Band - I was pretty terrible at it.

Plus the normal, you know, socialising with people and/or their cats. Some of them I hadn't seen in ages, so it was good to catch up. The people I mean, though I suppose it applies to the cats too.

I'm sure there are some photos floating around on Facebook. Anyone else doing/done anything much interesting for Halloween?

And on a seasonal note, I give you a deeply disturbing music video: Big Bad Wolf. It is neither work safe, or brain safe.
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