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My cake-making skills are sadly lacking

And that makes for the end of classes for the year. Now only those assignments to be getting on with.

Not that class today was hugely productive or anything. We talked a bit, someone brought in this amazingly nifty cake which we ate bits of, and then after class we went to the pub for a bit.

Here's a picture of the nifty cake, which one of my classmates made and decorated. Plus what the cake looks like inside.

Now that's the sort of class I really do approve of.

In other news, eeeee! You can now get a hardcopy version of Oglaf, the funniest dirty joke comics around.

Pity it's US based and thus the shipping costs to get it here to Australia makes the whole thing sort of ludicrous in pricing. (Then again, it also sells Hark, A Vagrant! stuff, too.)
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