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Ah, family reunions.

There was a big family reunion on today, down at Byaduk, apparently celebrating the 150th anniversary of [Surname] family doing something. Possibly settling in Byaduk. (Why they'd pick that instead of the year they came over to Australia from Scotland, I don't really know).

And The Sister and I decided to go and meet up with some of the extended - and some of the very extended - family. Which unfortunately meant having to leave Melbourne at 7am to arrive on time, and a four hour drive either way. So I am not both tired from the early morning, and blah from sitting in a car all day.

But we got down to Byaduk for the first time in ages, saw both my parents, plus some of my aunts and uncles and assorted other parts of extended family. Oh, and heard the very morbid family history. Apparently some of my ancestors died in interesting ways - one guy fell into a fire. Also, everyone in the family is apparently named after everyone else, which makes keeping track of ancestors very difficult. Also, what kind of name for a girl is "Smollett"?

And now I am very tired and would like to get a decent nights sleep because I have a job interview tomorrow. Lucky it's in the afternoon and not the morning.
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