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The other plus side is I found another cheap vegetarian place to eat

So, the two days of window people coming along and me skeddaling have been and gone - and yet, the windows still aren't done. So apparently people will be back again on Saturday to finish things off. And I do hope that means finish, so we can put furniture back as it should be and be able to actual cooking in the kitchen.


Also, it will mean I won't end up shoved out of the house so I am forced to wander around Melbourne, looking at random shops and ending up spending all my moneys. On the plus side, I found a place in Melbourne that had the Hark, A Vagrant! book, so I managed to get that without excessive postage charges.

Any suggestions as to what's on on Saturday so I can kill some time during the day? The comments on my Twitter have not been the most productive - most of yesterday afternoon got occupied when I got on the wrong tram by accident, and ended up spending a few hours at Docklands when I ended up there.

(And no, I don't plan on reading fic on my phone, because that is really not the most comfortable way to go about it. Even if it is a new chapter of Primary Gain.)

Oh, and Dad's having dinner with The Sister and I on Saturday, so I need to think of something to ask him for for Christmas by then. And one of my housemates is leaving for Vietnam on Saturday, too.

So yeah, my life.

Have some videos instead:
- The Periodic Table of Swearing. This is apparently an actual thing in London. ...I so wish I could go and see it.
- The Earth, as seen from the International Space Station. Our world is stranger and prettier than any CGI could ever be.
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