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This post would have been up earlier, but LJ >:(

Well, we now seem to have the iPartment back, windows and all, even if the construction guys left rather a mess. I am not impressed with the sawdust all over my books, of my now broken Newton's Cradle.

I mean, they broke my science!

Also, I still have to put stuff in my room back where it belongs. And rehang my curtains.

They actually finished up on Saturday - which was not without it's problems, I assure you. My housemate checked with the office, and they said that the tradesmen would be arriving at about 9am, so I was sitting around waiting for them then. For the next three hours.

After some minor freaking out and trying to chase people down on their mobiles (because no-one seems to answer on weekends), I ended up finding out that the tradesmen were planning on arriving at 1pm, and had no idea about the 9am time I was given. Who knows what happened there.

So I headed off and spent the afternoon hanging out with cat_empress, wandering around this Fair Trade/Enviro friendly fair thing at Federation square. Which was interestingly different (or not so different, since I'd seen some of the stalls at the Night Market), but it's always nice to properly meet up with people you've only known online.

I hope you're enjoying the little plush echidna you got, cat_empress.

Then after that I met up with my sister and father and his gf and we went to a rather fancy Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mmmm, tempura vegetables.

And then I just got to bum around for the rest of the weekend, listening to random music I downloaded.

Anyway, one of the positive parts of all this fuss over the windows is that I now have the kitchen back, so I celebrated by testing out this recipe for vegetarian laksa for dinner. Which actually mostly worked out, it just need more spices. I wonder if there is a way to spice up microwave leftovers? (Recipe was for two servings, so I have Tupperware of laksa in the fridge).

And now for your regular dose of random entertaining links:
- The Harry Potter theme played on Piano, in "every style known to man". It's old, but still rather entertaining. And I'm very impressed by the improv skills.
- The mysterious paper sculptures of Scottish libraries. I had actually seen some of these before, but now there are more of them: 10 in total. That's a whole lot of creative effort.
- Photos of water splashes that look like hats. Hey, it's me. How could I not link this?
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