Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

I have been a very busy girl...

...and thus have not updated as nearly as often as I would have liked to lately. But what with the Slave Auction, the writing up of the slave auction, the lack of sleep due to said writing up and then the Gelati crawl last night, I feelthat my frantic social life has had quite enough focus as of late.

So, random comments from the last...few days:

- One piece of advice: Forgetting to take your pencil case to Uni = not a good idea. I had to spend the entire day surviving on one black pen, which I was constantly expecting to run out, and which also caused my notes fot the day to appear awfully dull. *pouts*

- Yet again, I managed to be the only female in my Programming tute. I am starting to be convinced that the other girls on the roll don't actually exist.

- Our Uni has an area called "The Concrete Lawn." This amuses me.

- Another thing that amused me: some random guy I saw, dressed head to toe in bright purple. *shakes head*

- My college email is like completely fucked. I can receive emails, and wwhen I send them to my hotmail, they work, but when I send emails to anyone else - like, say, my Mum, they don't work at all. I am most irritated.

- Gelati crawl was fun, even if it started far too late in the evening, and thus menat only two darned ice-cream places were still open. Though, through the discovery that tinyteddiequeen works at Casa Del, I may have a chance at getting a job there. Which means yay twice over - Yay for jobs, and yay for working at an icecream place. And I could plug the best flavour all I wanted...*cough*LIME*cough*

- And, my deed for the day was...Firefly! Yes, I managed to watch the entire season today, which inspired much yayness. I liked so many things that I don't really know where to start, but I liked it muchly.

And on first impressions, this has to be one of the best quotes:
Wash: "...That sounds like something out of Science Fiction."
Zoe: "You live in a space-ship, dear."

Random Quotes:
(Courtesy of an interview video we were shown in Psych, of a four year old boy. It was rather adorable.)
Kid: "I have the most counters!"
Interviewer: "Why?"
Kid: "Because I have this many counters!"
Interviewer: "And how many do I have?"
Kid: "You have that many counters!"

mercdaemon: "Maybe the astral plane crashed."

PS. I have a new icon. Shiny!

Though some Firefly icons would be of the good.

- And on a slightly more serious note, the other day I was reading the obituaries, of all things, for the first time in, like, ever. Which was rather creepy, because one of the deaths in that day's obituaries was for one Chris Baulch - a guy I went to school with. I didn't know him all that well, as he wasn't the sort of person I ever had much to do with, but he was in my Year, and in my House at school, and it's tragic to see someone die at 18, no matter who they are.

So, RIP Baulchy.

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