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'Tis the season

Is anybody reading these at the moment? I know it's going on Holiday season, and LJ has been a bit shonky as of late, but the silence has been kind of deafening.

Christmas shopping is mostly done, so I should have no problems with finishing off tomorrow, plenty of time before I head off down to Hamilton-land next Thursday evening. Hopefully the weather will make up it's mind properly, so I can work out what to pack.

And your token supply of seasonal entertainment, a rather delightful mashup of a Christmas carol and a.... not Christmas carol: Rudolf (You Don't Have To Put On That Red Light).

...Now I'm curious about what other cracky Christmas mashups are out there.

Aside from that, I shall do my Duties to Cuteness with a collection of baby animal related links:
- A baby seal decides to be the world's cutest home invader.
- A bearded dragon decides to play smartphone games (Well, it does involve getting ants...)
- Cats: Your essential yoga accessory.
- The HTTP status cats. Those would be much nicer messages to get.
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