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I understand why a waiter would ask someone if they want an alcoholic drink at 2 in the afternoon

So I'm back in Hamilton for Christmas (which for the record is forecast to be that so very Australian Christmas situation: ie. absurdly hot.

And in the grand tradition of of Hamilton, it is all rather dull. No wonder I wanted to escape this place. Hey, an amusing note from the paper I saw: the only places in town that'll be open on Christmas day are the bottle shop and the pharmacist. How... appropriate.

Not entirely sure how long I'll be around here for, depends on what travel arrangements other people are going on. Be back in Melbourne in the middle of the week at some point, I suppose.

What is everyone else doing for Christmas?

In other news, I managed to see the last episode of Mawaru Penguindrum today. ;_;
Tags: fandom: anime/manga, randomness, teh family

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