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There was less plum pudding than expected

Well, I'm back in Melbourne after the Christmas sojourn down to Hamilton. And my housemates are back, too, so the place is no longer as weirdly quiet seeming as it was in the last few weeks for Christmas.

Also, they apparently found this enormous TV that someone put out on the nature strip. Now they just need a cable to see if it works, and the iPartment just may have obtained a free enormous TV. Because nature strip is the way to go for all your household goods

We also weren't in the region of the crazy Christmas hail storm (and speaking of with, what was up with that? I heard about it on the news, and of course Melbourne has this ridiculous storm on Christmas when I am not actually around at all.)

Christmas itself was reasonably quiet - lunch with Mum, The Sister and a friend of the family at Mum's place for lunch. (...And then leftovers for the next few days, aside from both The Sister and I's attempts at cookery). We also had a visit to Port Fairy one afternoon, in that grand Hamiltonian tradition. Pity it wasn't warmer, or we could have gone for an actual swim.

Presents I end up with - aside from the gift voucher and pencil case full of chocolates from my housemate - were 2 of the Discworld related maps (and some chocolate) from The Sister, and a small purple travel case, some charms for my bracelet, and margarita mixes (and some chocolate) from my mother. My Dad gave his presents last time I saw him.

Aside from that, Hamilton was... very Hamilton. I mean, now I am in Melbourne I shall have to check out some of the post-Christmas sales. Whereas, in Hamilton (and travelling too and from), I managed to get through 5 novels in 6 days, including all three of those Stieg Larsson Lizbeth Salander books, which were pretty hefty bricks.

Ah, but that's things for you. What has everyone else's Christmases been like? I've had some limited net access in Hamilton, but not as much as here in the iPartment. And what is everyone got planned for New Years?
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