Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

A Brief Rec Post

Now, as you may have noticed, I tend to save up my links, fanfic or otherwise, for my links lists. Which makes the fact I already have 30 links for the next one quite worrying, though I think I shall wait until September before putting it up.

However, there are times when one finds a link so utterly fabulous, it's all you can do to pimp it shamelessly. And that is what I am here to do now.

For all those with Literary tastes on my flist, you must take a look at this post here. It...well, it defies words, almost, but a quick summary of it could be: Take Eliot's famous poem The Wasteland. And then rewrite it (keeping the same style, linguistic tricks etc.) so the subject matter is...Harry Potter.
Stand back and look on in awe.

This has to be the most insane, brilliant, amazing, tragic, funny, and above all entertaining things I have ever found online.

Read it. Read it now.

PS. I handed in my Maths assignment today. Thank God.

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