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I'm leaving off cleaning out my wardrobe until I build up the nerve to actually get rid of clothes

So, that's made for a busy, busy few days. Aside from the iPartment inspection, and the frantic cleaning that preceded that - I actually ended up finally sorting out my bookshelf, which lead me to the discovery that I actually can fit all my books on there. Just.

I also ended up with three job interviews yesterday. Well, two job interviews, and one for a volunteer position. Plus I have another interview tomorrow morning, and another I need to reschedule (There was a clash...).

The interviews are mostly "We'll only call back if you are successful" so that's a bit wait and see, but I do have the volunteer spot, so at least that can go on the resume. It's for the Brotherhood of St Lawrence online bookstore (which can be found here, if you are wondering) and I can basically come in whenever to help out. I'm thinking maybe one day a week, but we shall see.

And a professional question here: How long should you volunteer somewhere before you ask the supervisor if you can use them as a reference?

And then after that, my computer went and screwed up on me. Or rather Windows went and screwed up on me, so I had to go and reinstall Windows, and then restore all my programs and settings and what-not. Many thanks must go to the HouseMatt, who did most of the complicated work, since I was too busy freaking out about why the speakers didn't work and where the hell all my files had gone.. (And when Matt wasn't around, I went and... cleaned out some of my cupboards, which means I at least know where all my old photos are now. And my old quotebooks. And my passport from when I was 2 years old.)

Yeah, totally asking for a new computer or laptop or something for my next birthday. Well, I got this one for my 21st, so it'll be 5 years old in May.

Getting back online, it appears I missed a few things. Like I said on Twitter, one day without Internet, and suddenly there are official Watchmen prequel comics? Anything much else going down?
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