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Work and tasty pie

So, job is really keeping me rather busy. I mean, yes, the only time I am actually on the door-knocking job is in the afternoons, but there's meetings and training and, you know, stuff, in the mornings, and lots of transport time. Lots and lots of time in transport.

On the plus side, I think it's going reasonably well - well, I got top new recruit for last week with my sales scores, and I'm doing decently this week (today was good, which rather made up for yesterday being terrible).

Now I just need work out a way to keep on getting enough sleep, and everything will be dandy.

In other news, work is planning a trip (an on-the-job trip) up to Wodonga next week, so I may be somewhat MIA for some of it. No idea what the Internet connection will be like where we are staying.

In other news, today for dinner I made delicious pie. Smoked Tofu and Vegetable Pie to be precise, which I highly recommend.

I was totally worth the fact that I didn't end up having dinner until really late, because of how late I also got home. (And, also, having to check out a whole half dozen supermarkets just to find one that had the damned smoked tofu - I ended up having to get one of the housemates to pick it up from a Wholefoods place on Lygon St, while I was at work.)

...Okay, I kind of cheated by using pre-made pastry sheets instead of making my own.
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