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Converse are not actually all that great at keeping your feet dry

Well, I am back in Melbourne after my weekly jaunt to Wodonga, which was both rather wet (yeah, so about that flooding...) and involved me getting sunburnt, which I actually didn't notice until this morning.

Which was alright for a worky thing, but I don't think I'd want to do it too often. I think I prefer being able to actually have some time away from co-workers. And also with internet access that isn't just my phone.

Hopefully the pay will end up being decent for it, though.

Then today I had lunch with Mum and my sister, since Mum was in the city again, and then watched as the HouseMatt cleared out all his stuff, since he's going to be moving out later this week, I think.

Since he has gone and packed the TV stand, we are now displaying the latest in student decor, having the Enormous Nature Strip Telly sitting on a pile of milk crates - so yes, there will need to be a look for some decent second hand furniture soon.

The other housemate's brother is apparently going to be in the third room for a few months, while we sort out a more permanent housemate, but I hope we'll find someone permanent soon. Anyone know of someone who could use the place?

Beyond that, I think I am mostly caught up on LJ and other important internet things, but what else has been going on in the last week that I may have missed out on? I feel so uninformed.
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