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The last Doctor Who post for a while

So the last episode with the Ponds happened, and fandom was very... fandom about it.

As was I, with an added dash of lack of sleep, since someone yinake kept me awake on MSN talking about random stupid music and Game of Thrones and Code Geass and what if the Code Geass characters were part of Game of Thrones.

Yes, so, spoilers!

To get it out of the way first, yes I cried. Not the pretty crying either. I'd heard enough rumours to predict seeing old!Rory die, and was surprised that didn't get me, but then Amy and Rory jumping off the building - or more Amy trying to talk Rory down, and then the Doctor's reaction to it all - and bam, tears. And then the bit at the ending when Amy makes her choice, and the message she leaves for the Doctor.

Tears all over the place. But I suppose it's always been reactions rather death itself that get me.

I will say that I liked that this was a case because of choices made by the companions, rather than sad because of things happening to them, ala getting sucked into another world, or Donna's fate which still skeeves me. It's a choice that causes the Doctor (and others) pain, but it's a choice not just a random whim of chance. I suppose Rory was the random whim of chance one.

I liked the whole Noir vibe, and if it had been any other episode I could have done with it some more (maybe do a whole Noir episode set in L.A. or Chicago or something), but I really liked the metaness of it all - of course it's all about stories, and the way they end, Amy's been fairytale from the start. So of course the story they are reading isn't just true but it talks back to them and they become part of it. And while the Doctor hates endings, and hates that these things stop, he forgets that endings also mean resolution. It's a chance to know that in spite of everything, Amy ended up happy with a non-ruined life, and a way to say goodbye to Amy as her first knew her.

And I have noticed that "The Doctor (and sometimes River) tells Brian what happened" has become a veritable fic genre unto itself. I figure before long Pond Life in New York will pop up there, too. Personally I'm head-canoning that after editing the Melody Malone books, Amy ends up writing some more for the series, and then creating her own books and stories to tell. It seems right to me.

Oh, River, not mentioned her much yet. The Doctor was so, so into her this episode, even when she was a fictonal character, it was terribly amusing. But it was good she was there, to be with her parents for a bit, and to comfort the Doctor at the end - though I do like that she basically said "Not always, hun, I have my own life and things to do." Vaguely curious if timey-wimey means a younger River ever runs into the Doctor after this point, and how the lack of her parents would be explained.

So, that's that until Christmas, I suppose. iView so conveniently didn't include the mini-trailer for the episode, so I had to chase it down on the BBC website. It was very short, and I am mildly disappointed they didn't tell use the episode name.

But I can wait. And now the ficcers and vidders take charge of things.
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