Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

My Sister has a Harem.

...And I find this fact very disturbing.

To clarify: The Sister was down in Melbourne for the Discovery Day at Uni. And as it is her birthday next week - and I haven't actually seen her in ages - I was recruited by my Mum to: firstly, show her around the uni, and secondly to give her an (early) birthday present.

Well, the present giving was all well and good (she got given the album by Evermore, and two bags of Suga lollies), but the tour was...surprising.

You see, The Sister had mentioned over the phone that she would be with a few friends. Now, naturally, I expected a few that I may have met before - Anna, Shelly maybe, possibly Kieran whom I met on the holidays.

What there was, however, was five - yes, five boys. Of which I only knew Kieran. It was just weird. I mean, I know she has male friends, but five of them? Following loyally along with my brief tour.

Yep, The Sister has a harem.

In other news, we had our Firefly marathon today. Due to the tour, I missed most of the pilot episode, but caught all the rest they showed (only up to Our Mrs Reynolds). It was much fun, even if I did manage to freak a few people out - namely altheas - with some of the Very Odd mental connections I made.

And it felt quite weird to be the knowledgable one on canon, considering it was only a bit over a week ago I managed to see all the episodes.

I like this feeling.

Oh, and to altheas: DON'T YOU FREAKING DARE!

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