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Yay, Internet quota is back!

A piece of advice: Sitting in a Maths tutorial whilst sleep-deprived, and paying no attention whatsoever to the tutor can lead to doing extraordinarily odd things. Such as writing completely and utterly insane poetry about all sorts of things, from Schrodinger's Cat, to Maths, to coconuts.

Seriously, this poetry makes me look as if I am on extreme drugs.

To demonstrate,
* My cat is
(not) dead.
I put it in a
and things began to
fall apart.
My cat is
(not) dead.

* Maths is like
being murdered with a
blunt instrument.

Over and over and
until your brain is

* My pencil case
given birth.

* Gravity is
no fair.
I doesn't play well with

* I see many tiny children
running around Second Floor.

Some of them are named

* I am drunk on life.
I think the hangover is starting to
kick in.

* Sleep is a
I am
from withdrawl symptoms.

* The letters don't like being
- no words to belong to.
They commit
and then my equations don't work.

* I have a hat, and it is

* My vectors are
They should cut their nails.

* If I were a tree,
I would grow large, spiky
then drop them
on people's heads.

* I am geek,
hear me annotate.

* Coconuts.
Thank you and goodnight.

* The people in my classroom
have hair.
It is shiny and colourful.
The people in my classroom
have clothes.
Where have you gone,

I can't believe I actually wrote that stuff.

Oh, and also in said Maths tute, I got my second assignment back. 17 out of 20, which isn't two bad when you notice all the marks lost came from the one question.

I have too bloody many assignments coming up. *glares*

Though, on an academic note: For Creative Writing this week, we had a guest writer - namely Ian McBryde - read us some of his poetry. It was quite good (especially Melbourne 4AM, which is a fabulous poem), and somewhat inspiring, hence the crack!Poetry. He also read some stuff from this book he has on one line poems, which sounds mental, but is actually quite cool.

I went and bought a copy of that book, because there is much good in it. And I have a signed copy. *feels special*

I have more music from tinyteddyqueen. I now have Muse, which is much good.

Speaking of tinyteddyqueen, I blame her for my new fascination with eBay. There is so much cool stuff there! And you don't even need to put your credit card online - which is good, considering my lack thereof.

But there is some insane stuff for sale. Someone was selling "Good Luck", and I saw a Bondage chair up for sale. As well as many ogle-worthy clothes and costumes. And jewelleries! And fandom stuff! I bidded for a few things, but was beaten, to my annoyance (and to my budget's salvation, most likely).

Also, went out to dinner last night with a bunch of others to Gurkha's (sp?). The Nepalese place, anyway. Food wasn't half bad, and it was lots of fun. And afterwards I got to go see Kung Fu Hustle again! Which was fantabulous, as expected. Though I must say the guy playing Sing, in those end scenes with the fighting and the shirtlessness: *fans face* Oh my!

Random Quotes:
altheas: (To lieutenantrah) "I've got bad news for you."
lieutenantrah: "I'm dead?"
altheas: "No."
lieutenantrah: "What is it?"
mercdaemon: "You're dead."

becker_: "Great! I'm Hermione Granger! I have a crush on Ron!"

becker_: (To tinyteddyqueen, I do believe) "You have any BO cure I could borrow?"

neo_leviathan: "Tristan, we don't want to hear stories about you lusting over old Scottish men."
Steven: "Speak for yourself!"

becker_: "That's what I want! When I get buried, I'm gona have an ensuite to my coffin."
"Well, do you know how hard it is to find a toilet in a cemetary? I mean, you can't just go behind a tombstone..."

Now, I don't like quoting myself, but certain individuals insisted on this one
Me: "We don't need to hear any more about Tristan servicing patients, thanks."

fa11ing_away: "Maybe I should strap on my prosthetic penis..."

becker_: (To altheas) "I've got your prosthetic testicle ransom."

becker_: "Apparentally, there's a party in my pants that I didn't know about."

blinvisible: (To laurenmitchell) "Did you know you are homeomorphic to a sphere?"

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