Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Dressed to Kill (or at least to fix engines)

Newsflash: Maths test results are back. I passed!

Got 18 out of thirty, which isn't too fantastic, but my tutor said it was designed to be a hard test. And I didn't do the last question, which means I could have only got a maximum of 23, anyway.

This makes me happy.

Something else that has made me happy: Was shopping this arvo with altheas and lena_supercat for Serenity costumes at Savers.

I managed to a couple of tops - one plain white, and one which is not something worn in the show, but is pink and flowery, and strikes me as a very Kaylee thing to wear. I also picked up some overalls, sadly not in the Khaki Kaylee had. Instead they are navy, which is less canon (but more to my taste, and suits the outfit more, in my opinion). And finally a pair of wedge sandals with red leather uppers, which I like muchly, and will probably wear quite frequently from now on.

So, just the jacket to go. Saturday = Vic Market, then.

In complete randomness: I dropped my camera today, and it is now broken. *cries*
Luckily, it is nothing too major - the teeny little plastic thing that holds the battery in place broke off. Therefore, the battery doesn't stay in place, and it is not working.

I am planning on heading into Melbourne before lectures tomorrow, and going to a camera repair place - Michael's appears to be the biggest one, so shall head down there. I hope I can get it fixed before Serenity, as a lack of photos from that would be tragicafying. Though I do still have my film camera, and almost a whole roll of film to get through, so there will be photos.

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