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Plots and Plans

Today was quite good, relatively speaking. Didn't start off all that well, what with having to get up early to take my camera to the repair place. And then finding that it would take a month to get fixed, and cost a bomb.

I mean, it's the tiniest little thing that's broken, this eensy little bit of plastic. And they can't do anything without having to go send it off to the maker. So, it appears, I'll be using my film camera for Serenity. I can live with that, though I wouldn't mind being able to put some shots online.

altheas, lena_supercat, neo_leviathan: Any of you lot got a digital camera? If you do, bring it. Of you don't tell me, and I'll try and borrow one of someone else.
Everyone else: Got a digital camera I could borrow?

While I think of it, neo_leviathan and altheas owe me money. lena_supercat has kindly already paid, and is making you guys look bad.
neo_leviathan: $30 (For the ticket)
altheas: $39.95 ($30 for the ticket, $9.95 for the costume glasses)

Now, onto more cheerful things. After getting annoyed about the camera, I had about an hour to kill before my lecture for the day. So I decided to try and be productive (and also do something to cheer myself up), which meant shopping!

I toddled up to the Vic Market, and went in search for the final part of my costume. So, I am now in possession of the most fantabulous blue silk jacket. I adore it muchly. It may have cost about as much as the rest of my costume put together (which, admittedly, is not a lot as it was all from Savers), but I think it is worth it, on the accont it so incredibly wonderful, I shall probably wear it rather frequently, even when not in costume.

A few of you may have seen me wearing it on Second Floor today.

Also, thinking a bit ahead: I will be going home for a bit over the holidays, but I will be returning on either the 27th or 28th, in time for the actual Premiere of Serenity. (BTW, who is orgaising a Second Floor outing for that? I want to make sure my name is dow for a ticket) But, I return my dear college on the Second of October.

So a place to crash for the 4 or 5 nights is required. Any takers?

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Interesting Stuff...

A quote from Dinner tonight:
(A kitchen hand is trying to convince someone to have the fish) "It's so good, you can almost eat it!"

PS. I have to use my two Hoyts La Premiere tickets by the end of the month. Anyone fancy coming to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with me either tomorrow evening, Sunday arvo, or an evening next week?

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