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I hugged Joss!

Yes, it's true, at the preview tonight I actually hugged Joss Whedon. *faints*

My life is now complete!

And this is not a joke, I did genuinely hug Joss Whedon. But I'll get to that later on...

Anyways, it was a great fun night, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. And fear not, it will be spoiler-free for the poor dears who have not yet seen Serenity.


My Big Damn Night Out started quite reaasonably - I toddled out of Programming Prac half an hour early to give my time to get ready and all. Considering the work this week was quite easy, this was really not a big deal.

So, I head back up to IH, where I get changed and ready to go. Mostly pretty easy, though the hair took an age to do, I swear, and it had about enough bobby-pins in it to set off an metal detector. But the effort was worthwhile, as it looked pretty good, and nicely Kaylee-ish.

Then, with my necessary supplies (Wallet, Phone, keys, iPod, Quotes Book, lipgloss) I walked down to Uni, getting some rather odd looks from some of the IHers who saw me leave. Oh well!

I arrived on Second Floor quite early, where I found neo_leviathan, who informed me the others would be late. So I sat around with the Magic players, and waited a while for altheas and lena_supercat.

They toodled along later, and there was much eyeing off of each others costumes, and so on. then we headed down to Melbourne Central, where we just - and I mean just, we saw it take off - missed the train we wanted. So we went upstairs, grabbed some food and then caught the next train.

We trainified to Glen Waverly, then wandered up to the Cinema. Not a huge crowd yet, but there were a few people around. Which managed to be quite amusing, as it seemed that very few people were in costume, and so mine got quite a bit of attention. I got filmed and photographed by a few people, and lots of people squeed over it - I had fangirls!

No shit, I had fangirls! It was brilliant!

But, we hung around a while, checking out the others' costumes (or lack thereof), and meeting up with middleman_. Then, at about 8:15, we headed upstairs to the theatre. Where all mobile phones and digital cameras were put away in storage to prevent sneaky illegal copies of stuff. (It was almost lucky my digital camera broke. Fate is doing weird things, here)

Then, there was a body metal detector. Yep, they were taking security seriously.

So we went to our seats (5th row from the front, on the very right. Not bad, actually) And then waited. And waited some more. Until the movie was 20 minutes overdue, and people were just finished entering the theatre.

Then, the lights went down, and the movie...started! No previews or anything.

I won't give out any spoilers, but I will say that I loved it - in parts it was funny, clever, moving, sad, shocking, and really entertaining to watch. It was liked muchly, and is definitely worth seeing.

So, after the marvellous movie, then was time for the arrival of Our Fandom God, Joss. Amid much fanfair and cheering, he appeared. Many photographs were taken, people yelling, the whole shebang.

So, the organisers gave him his gifts, a hamper and all, as well as an Akubra, which he tried on, and caused much amusement.

Then, he got his seat by the mike, and the Q-and-A began. Unfortunately, I can't remember many of the questions, and some that I do recall are rather spoilerific, so I won't share.

But Joss was great, very witty and clever, quite self-depricating amidst the raving fannishness he was getting. He answered questions about themes, about plots in his shows, about Buffy, and Angel, and Firefly and the X-Men comic he's involved in. He talked about future plans for shows (A Spike movie thing is possible, which thrilled me immensely, and if Serenity does well there may be sequels).

But there were great questions from lots of people, and I decided I wanted in. So I put my hand up, and waited for the guy with the mike to come around. And so he did. So I stood up, fully costumised, complete with parasol (which got a rather good response, including a comment from Our Joss "Oh, I'd get on that ship!", which thrilled me hugely)

So, I asked my first question (the serious one), which was about Joss's ideas about Reavers. Got a nice long and interesting answer to that, more serious than witty, but interesting. Then, onto The Big Question.

"Could I have a hug?" I asked, in front of like 300 people, and Joss. To which the audience went completely mental, cheering and applauding, and Joss said something about how could he not.

So I squeezed past people down to the front, handed the parasol to an Event Organiser person, and went over to Joss Whedon and gave him a hug.

And not just a little hug: after the little one, he went and freaking gave me a huge bear hug, picking me up into the air. I have no idea what the audience'sresponse was, as I was too thrilled to notice it, but there were a lot of camera flashes. (altheas was currently in command of mine, and I hope that this was gotten. If not, I'll scrounge around the forums for one)

Then he put me down, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, grabbed my parasol, and raced back to my seat, positively beaming. And I bounced my way through the rest of the Q-and-A.

After that was autograph signing. As it started at the front and worked back, we got in fairly early. I didn't have any other merchandise brought in (unlike the many people with the Comic, or the DVD box, or this one guy with a Puppet Angel, which cracked me up).

But, we all got a little A5 poster pic, which I got signed (and personalised!)
Mine says: "To Melissa Christie, Hugs! Joss Whedon"

*sighs* I love that man.

Then off we went, catching a taxi between the four of us. Cost a bit, but seeing as it was past one am, and all the trains were done for the night, little choice.

In the end, it was a fantastical night. I got to see Serenity, I got to hug Joss Whedon, I had my own fangirls, I was the envy of many, I got a Joss autograph...

(Oh, and almost two whole rolls of film. Mostly crappy photos, but there is me in costume, and with friends, and lots of Joss ones, and hopefully ones of me hugging Joss)

And now on the movie forum for Australia, I seem to be getting a lot of jealousy, but in a nice way. And the cotume is liked, and called sweet. And one person said: "if it wasn't going to sound stalkerish I'd say I wanted to take you home."

I am ever so flattered.

Some Quotes:
(On the way from the station to the cinema)
neo_leviathan: (to altheas) "Lead on, person who knows where we are going!"
(Looks up at the huge Village Cinemas sign ahead)
"Village. Oh."

neo_leviathan: "It could be worse -It could be a song. 'The hero of Melbourne, the girl who hugged Joss!'"

All in all, a mighty fine shindig.

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