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Photographic Memories

Tickets to the Preview Screening: $30
Kaylee Costume and Accessories: $60
Roll of Film an Developing: $15
Getting to Hug Joss: Priceless

So my feet have some huge and very ugly blisters on them (dratted op-shop shoes, look great but hurt like hell), and I am quite tired.

I am also a slight fandom celebrity, which is always fun. Yayness!

Someone managed to put up a recording of the Q-and-A session, which I have gotten onto my iPod. If you want to listen, it can be found at the official Australian Serenity Forum, in this thread here. But it's majorly spoilerific, and also about 30meg, so be warned.

A transcript of the recording can be found right here, if anyone wants to look, but it is not yet finished, and again, majorly spoilerific.

Hehe! My photos - or at least the first lot - have come back. Which means I have the reminders of my RotS costume photos (which are quite good), and a whole lot of dark-cinema-with-a-tiny-blip-of-Joss photos.

But there are a few good ones, some of which I thought I might share.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me all dressed up in my Kaylee costume. (You can't see the Shoes Of Doom, however)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And with the group whilst waiting outside the cinema: Namely altheas, lena_supercat, neo_leviathan and myself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, yes, this is it. The Hug. *is lost in reminiscence*

In other news: When I come back to Melbourne, ephant has kindly allowed me to crash at her place. Many to thanks to her, indeed.

Oh, and speaking of coming back: Midnight Premiere tickets for Serenity. I don't care who is organising them, I want one. I can pay up and all, and I'd organise for myself, but I kinda can't do it from home.

Also, the lady from Casa Del rang me up. She wants me in for an interview, so I'll have to ring her as soon as I get back in Melbourne.

Yayness for employment!

Random Quotes:

saikogrrl: (About Harry in the HP books) "He's so sensitive, and girly, and - don't stick that in me!"

(After showing ranorith the picture of The Hug.)
ranorith: "I'm guessing this is someone of some importance..."
(To which my astounded response is "It's JOSS WHEDON!", which causes all the Second Floorers to burst out laughing)

And because altheas insisted I include this from an MSN conversation:
Me: (About the photo to be found here.) "Oh no, Harry, you bent your lightsaber!"
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