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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

And she's back...

Yeah, I know, I've been back in Melbourne for a while and I haven't posted. But first I was busy, and then the Internet at ephant's was broken, and then I was lazy.

So, I shall get on with it, then...

Well, the holiday was quite good in a "sleep in til lunchtime, then watch lots of TV and DVDs" kind of way. Did very little, except head into Hamilton a few times, where I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I liked.

I mean, Oompa-Loompas! Heavy Metal Oompa-Loompas! Great music! Smart-arse comments! Johnny Depp!
And, the best line ever: "Sorry, I was having a flash-back!"

Otherwise, I sent my digital camera off to be repaired, and that was about it.

Oh, and watched the Doctor Who eps altheas burnt for me. They were utterly fabulous - Jack annoyed me at the start, but he grew on me, the OMG-ness of all the freaking Daleks, lots of crazy fun, and of course, the finale.

Which was brilliant. And I am so completely in love with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, despite him only having been there for about 20 seconds. He's that cool.

Anyways, then I headed up to Melbourne again. Before I went up to stay with ephant I did some shopping with Mum, and miraclously managed to talk her into not just getting me two new pairs of jeans, and some new tops, but also the box-set of Firefly. Though that may have had something to do with all the hysterical squeeing over Joss and Serenity that went on over the break.

I also finally spent my Minotaur voucher, buying Thud! (which was quite good, though it still doesn't top Night Watch, my fave Discworld book), Where is My Cow? (OMG, so very very cute!), and some Serenity reading material. Inclding the novelisation, that has a rather good reputation (I haven't finished it yet).

Then, toddled up to Coburg for my few days. That night I went to the Big Damn Premiere, which was awesome of awesomeness - I was with altheas, neo_leviathan, annatheannoying, becker_, lena_supercat, tinyteddyqueen, and sylver_spiders.

All except becker_ were in costume, so it was rather amusing at the Mexican Place for dinner. Less amusing was the very, very long dash up to tinyteddyqueen's place in the freaking pouring rain! Especially when you only realise halfway along Lygon Street you are wearing a wet t-shirt and a push-up bra.

But then we headed out to Suburbia for Serenity. Beforehand was fun - met a lot of other Browncoats, was the subject of much jealousy and fury - damn, I love being infamous! There was a Firefly Quiz, lots of gossip, a costume contest (I came second, but was informed that this is because of The Hug, which was worth more than any prizes, and I was as such not entitled to any. Still, annatheannoying won, and I ended up getting prizes in the random seat draw, anyway)

There was also some complete and utter randomness. Like tinyteddyqueen and I physically correcting the spelling on one of the menu signs right in front of the waiter. And then getting our photo taken with said sign.

Anyway, Gold Class is also of the awesome. You can buy alcohol, they have cool seats (they are all big, and fluffy, and they recline!), and you can order food to get delivered during the movie. Mmm, chockie mousse...

Serenity was, naturally, brilliant. No spoilers, but it was great, funny and sad and just wow. And there was a cute intro from Joss at the beginning!

You must go see this movie.

After that, I toddled off, slept on the couch that night at neo_leviathan and becker_'s, where I amazed myself by sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon. On a couch!

What else? Spent one day with a friend of ephant's, watching slashy anime. Which started off boring, then got crazy and random, and fun. Also went to saikogrrl's 21st, which was quite good, excpet the part where I didn't know half the people there.

But there were lots of costumes - me as Kaylee, a few Hogwarts students, couple of Jedi, some of the Addams family, a nun, a bunch of people in the same thing which I couldn't recognise, neo_leviathan looking cool with his glowy ball thing, and a really, really awesome Captain Jack Sparrow outfit.

Then, it was back to College and Uni, where I am now. Handed in a Maths assignment this morning, which was not too hard, I just had to keep looking up formulae.

Oh, and I have an interview at Casa Del on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Random Quotes:
altheas: (To becker_) "Tristan, rustle me up a chicken so I can spank her."

annatheannoying: "I like poking volcanoes!"

neo_leviathan: "Tristan found religion?"
becker_: "They have free food!"

annatheannoying: "Where's Tristan when you need him?"

myth_taken: (To tinyteddyqueen) "I like your skirt. Did you lose a bet?"

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