Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Rather Trivial...

A little late, as I was going to do this yesterday, but what the hell.

Well, Trivia Night was quite fun, even if there weren't nearly as many people as I had hoped. My team was myself, altheas, neo_leviathan, fa11ing_away and sylver_spiders. We went for the good ol' title of 1010011010, and...managed to come last.

Which wasn't good for our geek cred, even if it was mainly because almost the entire last round was books I never have read, and never intend to read. Did manage to ace some of the earlier rounds, and get in some very lucky guesses, though.

But, got some fun, some food and a $10 gift voucher out of it, so all in all it was of the good.

In Uni news: Got back my Maths assignment. 17 out of 20 - Go me! I mean, this was the one I only passed on the re-marking last semester.

Heh. My College self-help timetable has been completely fucked up this semester. Toddled in to work on Wednesday arvo, and got told I couldn't work then. So, I have been moved to the next three Sunday lunchtimes.

Also, the job interview went quite well, I do believe, and I shall be back for the trial next Thursday. This is mondo good.

And fandomly, both de_chel and fa11ing_away are planning to order some overseas geekery online. (Discworld related and www.thinkgeek.com respectively). So, I've got my name down for a whole bnch of stuff - 3 badges and a "Something wicked this way comes" (with Greebo) t-shirt, as well as a "Joss Whedon is my master now" and a furry microbe.

I am such a geek.

Random Quotes, or as it should possibly be renamed, The Tristan Show:
neo_leviathan: (To me) "Don't make me have to threaten you with my spatula!"

becker_: "If you have really itchy balls, and are measuring out paint stripper, don't scratch them."

becker_: (To anastomose) "Stick your tongue in it, and put some bubbles in it, dammit!"
altheas: "Those are words I pray I will never hear Tristan say again."

becker_: "That reminds me, we haven't had any carrots stuck up anyone's arses at work for ages!"

altheas: "Tristan, have you ever applied to go on the Jerry Springer Show?"
becker_: "Hell no, I have class!"

becker_: (To anastomose) "You have constantly got a wet patch on your pants."

becker_: "I had one of the best urinating experiences ever the other day."

becker_: "Us guys, we have an excuse to spend so much time in the toilet. We have all those games."

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