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I am sure you all remember the epic tale of woe and angst that was my Psych Lab Report-related nervous breakdown. (For those who don't, or had not yet friended me, that tale can be found here.

Well, the final chapter in that story has been completed - we got our marks back today.

And I got a H2A. Take that, sleep deprival!

Best mark I've got all year, actually. I mean, my tutor said only a couple had got H1s, and there were very few corrections on it, so I must have done something right.

So, something good came out of that travesty, at least. And now I have only three assignments left this semester - one Maths, and two Creative Writing ones, one of which I am just trying to finish off now. *glares at 10th writing exercise*

I might put the exercises up here tomorrow, and ask which ones I should use. (We have to hand in only four of the ten, though I only did nine of them)It'll be good to get some other opinions, really.

Oh, and something else from Psych: You know you are in Australia when the example used to demonstrate error in statistics is various cricketers batting averages.

In fandomy news, the Tennant fangirl in me is squeeing over the fact that weekend after next, the ABC is going to be showing Casanova, starring the man himself. For once, a television programming decision I agree with!

From what I have heard and seen, it is supposed to be quite good. So that shall be fun.

Random Quotes, AKA "The Tristan Show"
becker_: "I'm pimping my firetruck at the moment."

becker_: "My Nan, she's been doing things with the soldering irons again..."

becker_: (To tinyteddyqueen) "Goldie, you'd be so proud - we had some really interesting traumas last night."

Courtesy of altheas
tinyteddyqueen: "Don't make me come out with a comment worthy of Tristan..."

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