Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Busy, busy, busy...

Yep, I have been rather busy over the last couple of days. And this isn't just an excure for why I haven't updated my LJ. Honestly.

But, anyhoo...

Wednesday Night was the II Trivia Night. And despite the fact that I am still not a member of II, I went. The night was fun, even if most of the questions were beyond fucking evil. *glares at neo_leviathan and mercdaemon*

But, anyways, my team (one of the three, considering yet again heaps of people didn't bother to turn up) was named Whiskey-Tango-Fetish - points to anyone who wasn't there who gets it - and consisted of myself, saikogrrl, fa11ing_away and sylver_spiders.

We ended up coming last. But, it was fun, so we didn't mind much. And we won the sing-off for the Mind Games vouchers, so it was still of the good.

Anyways, apart from evil questions, solved by my team through vague knowledge, complete guesses, stupid answers, and in one case the most ridiculous logic ever (for more details, ask...), we also had the one, the only KARAOKE!

'Twas fantastical. Sadly, each team had one singer, chosen by the judges, and saikogrrl was ours. Still, she did a good job of Tainted Love, despite the screwiest (and funniest) translation of the lyrics ever.

And becker_ singing YMCA is not something I am likely to forget in a hurry.

After all that, we had a team sing-off for the other prize, so my team mucked around with Tubthumping, which was lots of fun. I wish I could have sung more, though.

Afterwards, we also got to witness the Girliest Martial Arts Fight EverTM, courtesy of tinyteddyqueen and fa11ing_away. Which was highly amusing, especially when others started getting in on the fight.

Then I headed of with tinyteddyqueen, fa11ing_away and becker_ to tinyteddyqueen's place, where we watched some Little Britain which was quite funny indeed, even if I did freak myself out by calling "very hot" a guy who later turned out to be Christian Coulson. And Daffyd's resemblance to a certain somebody amused me muchly.

Today I had my trial for Casa Del. It was very educational, I can say that much. Not hugely busy, but enough so that I got to serve quite a bit. I can manage cups of icecream, but the cones I still have difficulty with. It's not my fault they are so bloody hard to work with!

But had a little work, and am told I will be called back about the job. And if I don't get it, at least I ahd some free icecream.

This evening was our Girl's Night Out (with Added Boys). Lots of fun, and the Mexican food wasn't bad (even if altheas might look down at it).

Also, frozen margaritas!
I had a lemon one, and a tropical one. Sadly, there wasn't enough left of the strawberry for me to try that also. *sigh*

But lots of extreme randomness and weirdness in conversation. Particularly with altheas's quest to break tinyteddyqueen. Some very, very wrong things got said, I can say that much.

Both my Uni Programming tutor and my IH Programming tutor have both injured their right hands. Weird.

Random Quotes (from Trivia):
tinyteddyqueen: "We should get some fish and go for it."

neo_leviathan: "Explain how you held a lecture at Oxford about expelling a badger from a chimney."

neo_leviathan: (Commentating on The Incredibly Girly Fight) "Goldie, with her known taste for cannibalism, has decided to tenderise Corrina by kicking her in the rump."

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