Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Well, that can't be good...

My computer is screwed. Screwed, I say! And I haven't the faintest idea of why.

*sighs tragically*

To clarify: Yesterday, after I was at Uni (and incidentally managed to use the laptop with no problems whatsoever), and had my fun all day, I decided to stay in, considering the busy nights I had had recently. And naturally, that meant some messing around with my computer, and Teh Intarweb.

So, i go to start it up a bit after dinner, and I get some error message, saying something along the lines of: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing/corrupted. [name of Windows file] Please insert Windows setup disk, and press 'r'"

To which my response is "Oh, shit!"

I try restarting it a couple of times, with no success, then start to panic slightly. So, I toddle down to the Computer Labs to look for help. I find bellmeister, who gets on the phone to his roommate Nathan (your general great with computers type). I am advised to bring the computer over to see what can be done.

So I wander to the apartment, where Nathan gets out a Linux disk, and boots the computer up with that (the aim being to back-up all my files in case the computer is completely fucked and needs Windows reinstalled. Or something like that.) However, the Linux disk appears less than useful, and said files cannot be found.

So Nathan decides to restart the computer to see exactly what was going on. And, amazingly enough, it actually works despite no repairs being made. Both Nathan and I are extremely puzzled by this.

Just in case, I copy all my documents (Uni Work, Important files, Quotes files, favourite weblinks, other random stuff) onto my flash drive and a CD I had lying around. Oh, and run a virus check which finds nothing.

So, I start to think it might be a one off thing.

Then, I try again after Dinner tonight (not feeling hugely tempted by the IH Halloween party. Mainly because it is a) Not Halloween and b) I forgot about it until I was asked if I was going.) And what do you know? There appears my error message.

I try restarting again, with no change. I head back down to dinner to find bellmeister, and we go see if Nathan is home. Which he is not. bellmeister promises to let me know when Nathan gets back, aand I head back to my room.

So, I go to my computer, and restart it just for the hell of it. And it works. I am now deeply bewildered, and slightly irritated.

And I still haven't the faintest idea what's wrong.

So, my computer is going to remain in a permanent state of "On" until someone can work out either what is wrong, or how to fix it. Or, preferably, both.

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