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This entry is reserved for squee. - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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October 19th, 2005

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11:42 pm - This entry is reserved for squee.
So, thanks to a random over at time_and_chips, I discovered that JB Hi-Fi actually had in DVDs of Casanova. Yes, that Casanova, the one on telly on Sunday. Starring the one and only David Tennant.

And it being JB, and thus cheap, who am I to resist the whims of fate? Translation: I bought it. Then headed back from Uni rather early by my standards, and went and watched it.

And what I have to say is this:


OMG, so adorable! And sexy! 'Twas so very, very cool. If I didn't love the man already, I surely would after seeing this. He was just so wonderful.

And in that red shirt. *falls over dead*

To get away from the squee, it was actually very good. Very, very funny and witty, with some truly classic quotes and moments. Music was gorgeous, and the costumes were to die for. (You can so see the reminants of my ballet training there - colourful and elaborate costumes always grab my interest)

Also, there was some nice satire on the modern world - "famous for being outrageous" indeed! - as well as a nice message that didn't bog the whole thing down with morality. Aim for the impossible, chase the dream, and always love...

And, it made me cry at the end. Yes, I am a bit soppy over stories, but still...it was so sad.

Worth the money, anyway. I can recommend watching it to everyone. And for my smuttier minded friends: It's Casanova! Of course there'll be sex!

And back onto Tennant. Oh, how I wish...

New GoF photos are out. Stacks of them can be found here.

Special note should be made of the following two:
Tennant being teh evil, and casting the Dark Mark
My very favourite one. GUH, the coat!

Also, something you don't see everyday:
A girl dancing down the aisle of tram, whilst singing. "Oops, I did it again!"


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