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You know you have problems when...

You know you have problems when you start having dreams about maths. It's just so very, very wrong having dreams in which your Maths Teacher turns up and explains a new and more interesting way of solving problems. *shudders*

That'll teach me to leave my maths homework until 10.30 at night...

Also, for some random reason, I have started to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley for my English class. And Ye Gods, it is disturbing! It is dark and creepy and is just so...well, disturbing. It's even more so than The Handmaid's Tale and I didn't think that was actually possible.

Have decided that the next thing which I read will most definately be less creepy and more fun. Perhaps The Da Vinci Code.

For all those who we interested in the Matahari references in my story Eye of the Day: Not only is it the name of a spy, and the word for "sun" but it is also the name of a shopping centre in Indonesia. Weird.


PS. The cold has evolved again, and is less severe, but now I have an itchy throat and I think I'm losing my voice.

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