Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Oh, I have no margaritas!

And Casanova has been seen. Or the first part, at least.

Um, again, seeing as I have the DVD and all.

Still, it was fantastical. Far too much fun then it has any right to be. And, so very, very pretty.

And Tennant! My beautiful, fantastical Tennant!

He's so adorable...

Had my last self-help today. Yays, no more smelling of dishwater and noodles! No more serving weird food with smells that make me nauseous. No more random plate stacking.

Randomness: The Sister rang me just before to get tips for her Religion and Society exam. (Because when I did it two years ago, I *cough**acedit**cough*) Also, she wanted to hear about my friends, "the weird ones" being her precise terminology, and informed me of her plans for the future. Which currently consists of finishing school, deferring for a year (and staying in Hamilton, of all places), and then going to either Melbourne or Latrobe Uni. She seems to like Latrobe...

Also, while she was ringing, my Mum was in the background, keeping up her Search For The Perfect Margarita. And she gave one to The Sister. It's not fair, having margaritas without me!

Someone should learn to transmit margaritas via telephone. *nods firmly* Yes, that would be a very good idea.

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