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Why College sucks, and Uni doesn't.

Gah! They still haven't fixed the bloody hot water! I had to wander all the way over to Wadden building just so I could actually have a shower. And their showers aren't nearly as nice as the ones we have here in Clunies.

*is annoyed* They were supposed to be fixed today. Yep, really service that is.

Anyway, despite how it first sounds, this post is not going to be all ranty and annoyed. It's actually rather positive from now on.

I've had a good day.

Firstly: That Maths assignment I did on Friday? The one I said seemed really easy? I got it back today. 19 out of 20. Yep, I was right, it was really easy.

And that brings my assignment average to about 18 out of 20 this semester. Which is good.

Our tutor also gave us chocolate. Didn't make up for the fact she couldn't teach for shit, but at least it was yummy.

And my first Creative Writing folio thing. Got that back too. Got a 15 out of 20 - H2A, apparently (even if only just a H2A). So pretty good, even if there was a higher of work in the class. It is quite acceptable.

Also, took in the Creative Writing thing that I posted earlier this morning to present to my tute. (in an edit format, to correct tense problems) It was reasonably well recived, and Antonia seemed to rather like it - she said it was really good. So, that makes 700 words down. Just 2300 to go. Though I do have a few ideas...

And onto non-academic things:

Breakfast was pancakes, so again it was worth getting up for. Even if I am dead tired now. I'll just finish up this post, and then toodle off to bed.

The office ladies complemented me on my clothes, saying I looked "ready to go to the races everyday." Which was quite flattering, really. (In case you were curious, I was dressed "like a Japanese schoolgirl" as saikogrrl put it the other week. Odd pink and blue knee-high socks, white and rainbow checked mini skirt, grey/black t shirt, the Kaylee jacket, and my black and white hat)

I find it interesting, though, that in the almost two years since I have given up on caring about fashion, and started just wearing things that I like, that I have gotten more appearance related compliments than in my entire life before then.

Sort of ironic, really.

I have also been informed of the next of my duties when it comes to my slavery to altheas. It sounds...interesting. But kinda fun and entertaining, really. So, watch out around Union House at one tomorrow.

Star Trek Club t-shirts have arrived. They are the some of the hugest sizes ever, and are kinda cool. Red, naturally. So I bought one. Oh, and I just have to quote the receipt I received for it: "1 tee shirt and 1 Serenity quote" Delivered ith the words "I'm a leaf on the wind."

People know me too well.

Then, that evening we had Bistromathics.

For those not in the know, this is the CHAS trivia night. So rather like the other trivia nights I have been too, only with more Douglas Adams and other British sci-fi type things included. And a bit more random.

There were quite a few people there, a large proportion of which were either carrying towels or wearing dressing gowns. Or both.

Sadly, I did neither, but I was still there.

Anyway, my trivia team consisted of Myself, fa11ing_away, ranorith and myth_taken. We were named GPP (H2G2 fans should get the referenece) We ended up scoring 68 points, and more importantly, winning!

Overall, we won the first two rounds, but crashed down somewhat in the third (music) round. Still, managed to keep our lead. Go GPP! We pwned!

And, I got a lovely $20 gift voucher for Minotaur. Oh, what to spend it on. I shall haev to head down there this weekend, and see what's in stock right now.

But, overall the night was fascinatingly random. Vogon Poetry, Cat (of Red Dwarf) impressions, miming th eend of the Earth, bizarre essays nd other odd stuff.

the actual trivia part was quite fun. As noted, we did quite well at this. Though, fa11ing_away and I had a great little moment when one of the questions was "Name two of the actors playing Doctor Who." Which caused us both to crack up. And then think of Tennant.

Someone tried to claim we had to use only Doctors screened in Australia (knowing of our obsession), but they were shut down, poor dears, by our powerful knowledge of canon. It was great.

And LJ related: I have update my memories. Hugely updated them. Lots added, lots rearranged, lots of interesting things.
Take a look.

Also, check this. Correspondance between Peter Pettigrew and John Howard. Yes, that John Howard. Very brilliant, and very funny work.

And just because it successfully freaked fa11ing_away out the other night: Inflatable Dalek Sex Toy. Strangest. Idea. Ever.

Bistromathics Quotes:
parakleta: "I have conical hat envy."

fa11ing_away: "What rhymes with navel?"
ranorith: "Orange."

knave_scurvy: "I need lipstick! You can't do mime without lipstick!"

anastomose: "We have toilet paper!"

fuzziebunie: "No man should have to fish to find his own underwear."

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